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Better Backs

We explore different variations and styles of classic hatha yoga postures. The class blends honest awareness of our ‘edge in the pose”, our use of breath as a tool, & the wisdom of the sages have been passed down to guide us once we are there. “A perfect knot” Body Mind and spirit.

Chair Yoga

Start in the chair and stay in the chair, or transition to the wall and then to the yoga mat. Gentle approach for all levels to learn and practice. This setting is great for anyone who has limitations, wants to see what yoga is all about, or those who have a desk job who want to learn daily techniques for reducing the repetitious strain. A yoga mat is needed for under the chair and relaxation. (bring your own yoga mat or use one from the studio)

Find Your Edge

Adaptive Yoga that gives you Asana Alternatives Have specific challenges that limit or eliminate certain postures from your practice? Afraid that you can’t do some of the postures? Keep blowing past your edge because you’re not sure where it is? Find your edge, understand your own challenges, limitations, and restrictions, and find ways to adapt and use alternate postures to maximize your safe practice in your personal and group practices.

Gentle Flow and Yin Fusion

This class is an all-level practice offering an enjoyable balance between movement and stillness that encourages deeper feelings of calm, stress release and relaxation. It is a blend of a gentle vinyasa flow; a breath guided flowing sequence of postures, and a therapeutic yin yoga in which postures are held longer to help increase joint and connective tissue strength, flexibility and improve one’s overall yoga practice.

Gentle Yoga

This gentle class is designed to bring heightened awareness and stillness to the body. You will learn basic yoga poses, proper alignment, basic breath work and relaxation techniques. It’s a perfect balance to a busy lifestyle. Students will leave this class balanced and blissed out! All levels are welcome.

Kids Yoga

This creative and less traditional approach to yoga will improve flexibility, coordination, concentration and focus, stimulate children’s imagination and help to release energy in a fun, safe environment. Using stories, interactive games and animated postures, kids learn about animals, art, nature and basic anatomy through yoga. Breathing and visualization techniques teach kids how to focus, relax and help develop self-control. Ages 6 – 11


No experience necessary.

Incremental meditations in progressive segments with optional “movement breaks” to shift position or stretch. (More experienced meditators may link the segments up for a sustained total of twenty minutes.) The last class of each month will be a yoga nidra guided meditation.

Feel free to arrive at least 15 minutes early – the teacher will be available for at least 15 minutes prior to the official start of class for questions and basic meditation instructions. Mediation will start promptly at 6:45 and in honoring meditative stillness, there will be no later admittance.

The class will start promptly at 6:45 and in honoring meditative stillness, there will be no later admittance.

Morning Restorative

Restorative Yoga focuses on relaxing the body in restful postures. Note that ‘rest’ is different than sleep. Rest provides the body an oppotunity to renew and heal. Countless studies have proven the physical and emotional benefits of this.

Posture Pro

Do yoga correctly and advance in your asanas quickly. Learn to do yoga safely, reveal a deeper understanding of your body, and take your practice further quickly and effectively. If you have a back pain or just want to prevent back pain or injury this class is also for you. How to keep your back positioned to prevent injury while stationary and moving is reinforced through yoga postures. Since the rest of the body also effects the spine and back health we work through a wide range of movement and postures.

Prana Vinyasa

Prana is the natural and vital energy within us. Learn to increase energy, let go of stress and find balance cultivating a practice that is less mechanical and more engaging. Explore a fun mix of posture sequences, both moving and sustained, breath awareness, inspiring music, meditation and restorative relaxation. Sometimes challenging, sometimes gentle, modifications and progressions are gladly given to accommodate varying abilities and individual comfort levels. Come play and practice with us in an enjoyable and supportive environment.

Slow Flow

This class is an all-level practice offering an enjoyable balance between movement and stillness that encourages deeper feelings of calm, stress release and relaxation. It is a blend of guided flowing sequence of postures.

Stress Relief

Stress Relief Yoga: This class offers a variety of techniques which focus on minimizing stress, anxiety and the daily traumas we undergo. Included in this class will be a guided relaxation called Yoga Nidra.


Perfect for those with back problems, healing injuries, inflexibility, weak abs or back muscles, stress, fatigue, overweight, depression, and arthritic conditions. Learn centering, proper breathing, safe stretching, relaxation techniques, and slowly develop strength, balance, and flexibility.


Vinyasa is a unifying practice linking the breath and body in movement and stillness. Increase energy, strength, flexibility, release stress and find balance through a fun mix of creative postures sequences both moving and sustained. The class focus will be on exploring posture foundations, breath awareness, alignment, steady transitions, building core strength, meditation and calming relaxation at a moderate pace in a fun and supportive environment.

Yin Yoga

Yin is known as the Yoga of Flexibility. All postures are done close to the earth in stillness. It targets the joints of your lower body. It releases deeply held stress from the low back, hips and sacrum. The poses are held for longer periods of time to allow the stretch to reach deep into the ligaments that connect your bones together in these areas. This is where your flexibility comes from! Yin is a counter pose for your busy, hectic life! That is why yin yoga is called “the other half of your yoga practice”.

This class is suitable for all levels and you will be guided and nurtured through every posture.

Yoga for Beginners

This class will have basic movements. It will work with posture, breath, stretching and asanas.

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