200 Hour Program

The Yoga 4 Peace Teacher Training program is designed for the Yogi/Yogini to take their Yoga to the next level – both physically and spiritually.  The Program meets or exceeds all Yoga Alliance requirements at the 200-hour level.  Our program at Yoga 4 Peace started in 2002 and is the second longest running YA certified Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in the State of Michigan.

women-1178187_1920Interested persons can be assured they will find an exciting twenty (20) weeks filled with Yoga philosophy, anatomy, and physiology while learning methods and skills above and beyond just “teaching” Hatha Yoga.  You will be given tools to help others enjoy and enrich their own Yoga practice as you study the oldest system of personal development.  Explore the history and philosophy of Yoga through various ancient teachings passed down in the Vedas and Upanishads and reading Indian texts such as the Bhagavad Gita, Patanjali’s Sutras, and the Hatha Yoga Pradapika.  Learn the eight-limbed path (marga) and how it applies to the modern day Yogi/Yogini.


Learn the importance of breath control and methods to practice that relate and improve our health both on and off the mat.  On the mat where they will be incorporated in the postures and off the mat as we use them to meet the challenges every day brings in our private and social lives.  Discuss the differences in “body types” and how they affect individuals in their practice…what to expect from them as students in your class.

Learn how to be effective with your class by choosing the correct sequencing of poses through our own demonstrations, observing RYT teachers in action, assisting them as they teach their own sessions, Team Teaching with other students, and learning “positioning by body type” as you participate in numerous posture clinics.

Identify and refine various tools teachers use to lead a successful Hatha Yoga session:

  • The proper use of voice and tone to use in a Yoga session
  • The utilization of rhythm and flow to enhance the student’s enjoyment of the session
  • The role that background music plays to set mood and mindfulness in some sessions
  • The principals of “prana” and the proper use of breath control as the students move through the poses
  • The exploration of the energy receptors (nadis and chakras) and their role in the practice of Hatha Yoga and guided relaxation

Here is a partial list of textbooks we will use in this course include:

  • The Key Muscles Of Yoga by Ray long
  • The Key Poses Of Yoga by Ray long
  • Yoga Anatomyby Leslie Kaminoff (copyright 2007 by the Breathe Trust)
  • YogaThe Spirit And Practice Of Moving Into Stillnessby  Erich Schiffman
  • The Heart Of Yogaby K. V. Desikarachar
  • Anatomy of Movementby  Blandine Calais – Germain
  • Bhagavad Gita – Your choice of interpretation

In addition, we will see several lectures given on tape by Paul Grilley on Anatomy and the relation an individual’s bone structure and body type has on that person’s capability to perform Asana.

We have a Meditation Workshop planned that will explore all facets of this “Yogic Limb”. 


Finally, we will hold a weekend Yoga retreat to experience the total “Yoga Lifestyle” at a nominal charge.  The weekend will include 4 -5 hours of Hatha Yoga with a RYT500 Instructor.  Time in the evening will be set aside for an extended Meditation session.  This will be balanced with entertainment, nourishing food, and rest and relaxation for the individual.


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